HONEY GULKAND | 100% Raw honey Unprocessed Unfiltered Unpasteurized Pure Natural Original LAB TESTED Honey Gulkand 500GM


fresh pink rose flowers sourced directly from the farms. honey gulkand is made with fresh rose petals and honey, soaked under direct sun light. The beauty of sun cooking : Unlike boiling, slow sun cooking retains delicate flavor compounds of rose petals and honey. This process helps to add the quality flavour of rose petals in it. Ingredients – Rose petals , Raw honey

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    • Benefits
      – Reduces stomach acidity.
      – Gulkand is a good source of anti oxidents.
      – Helps to improve appetite and digestive problems.
      – Gulkand is used as a natural coolent.
      – Helps with the issues like headache, acne marks, irregular sleep.
      – Also helps in PCOS/PCOD, sugar cravings.


Usage – Gulkand can be taken with milk , thandai, milkshakes, lassi, rose ,milk, etc. we can consume directly one tablespoon also. It can be also used as a jam. It makes best combination with the variety of products. You can make your own great combination.

Storage information for gulkand
Store in a cool and dry place.


No Added Sugar ,No additves, No artificial colours, No preservatives.


Mouth-Watering Gulkand Desserts For Mid-Week Indulgence

Here we bring you a list of delicious gulkand desserts that will satisfy your mid-week sweet cravings in no time.

Honey Gulkand

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